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This article  is about Enemies.
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General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inHyperion
AttackLightning Gun
Tefat Missile
Damage TypeEnergy + Kinetic
SpecialLightning Gun.png
Shield Regen0
Health Regen0
Corrosive ResistUnknown
Energy ResistUnknown
Kinetic ResistUnknown


"Captain, look! It's Tefat! I've heard it's hard to kill, plus it's the boss of this system... shall we engage it?"


Tefat is the boss of the Hyperion system. Although not formidable to veterans, its 20,000 hitpoints makes it difficult to kill for new players. Upon death, Tefat drops a Red Crate with a Lightning Gun inside, among other various junk and Artifacts.

Tefat was made by the people of Erath. The humanoids of the planet teamed up with the ones on Endarion to create it. It is considered one of the most power consuming security systems ever made.

Tefat is made up of the following parts:

Part Stats Attack
Tefat Body.png Tefat Body 20,000 health
Tefat Missile.png Tefat Missile 1,000 health Missile Launcher which does 32 damage per missile

Weapons, Damage and beating Tefat

Tefat fires both lightning and missiles. Its lightning has greater range than a player's Lightning Gun and can quickly do hundreds of points of damage, making it highly dangerous for new players who cannot quickly run away from it. Tefat also fires homing missiles which do ~350 damage per hit. These have long range and become more difficult to dodge as the number of them increases.


Lower Levels: Tefat is solo-able from as low as level 1. Even without any upgrades, you can take it down. The Acid Blaster is a great weapon for stacking damage even if you have no artifacts. As long as you dodge the missiles at the start (you can use Energy Nova to help not get hit), the missile launcher should get destroyed by the Acid Blaster quickly. From there, it's all about keeping distance and stacking your Acid Blaster's DoT.

Higher Levels: To beat Tefat when you are around level 10-15, use Shield and Energy Resist artifacts . Using a weapon such as Beamer or Lightning Gun will assist you to easily take him down. Swoop in and use as much power as you can, or as long as you can stand, then break off and regenerate your Shields and Power.

When reaching around level 30, players can take Tefat down without breaking a sweat.


  px Artifact 3
  px Gold Crate 2-3
  px Lightning Gun 100% drop
  px Metal Scrap   
  px Big Metal Scrap   
  px Core Charge   
  px Simple Data Chip   

Spawn Location

Tefat spawns randomly outside the system.
Respawn time, < 2.5 minutes.

Encounter Experience

This encounter gives 1,200 xp to players who defeat it for the first time.