The Cleaner

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The Cleaner
General Information
Enemy TypeBoss
Found inCynapsian
AttackPlasma Torpedos
Cleaner Blades
Corrosive Lightning
Damage TypeCorrosive, Energy and Kinetic
Armor500 - 2,500
Corrosive ResistUnknown
Energy ResistUnknown
Kinetic ResistUnknown


"Don't mess with the cleaning lady!"


The Cleaner was designed to sweep up and destroy ships or debris found in Cynapsian. It regularly visits the planets obliterating those unlucky enough to get into its path. This colossal boss is fast, spawns level 62 Dread Moths and has a Corrosive Lightning attack which quickly regenerates its health.

When fighting the Cleaner, you want to limit your exposure to the Corrosive Lightning attack as much as possible. The Cleaner can heal faster than it can be damaged. If you're not careful, you will "feed" the Cleaner health. If you are attacked with the Cleaner's Corrosive lightning, use your hardened shield and run out of range. The hardened shield prevents the corrosive lightning from healing the Cleaner.

The Cleaner is made up of the following parts:

Part Stats Attack
Enemy Nezerian Destroyer.png The Cleaner Head 1,260,050 health
2,500 armor
Plasma Torpedos
Chel Body.png Cleaner Body 8,258,000 health
2,500 armor
Spawns level 61 Dread Moths
Giant Blade.png Cleaner Blade 1,200,000 health
1,000 armor
99,900 kinetic damage on contact
Experimental Macrophage.png Cleaner Macrophages 2,500,000 health
500 armor
Skeletor Lightning that also regenerates the Cleaner's health


There is a large area that is ideal to fight The Cleaner in. Follow the lower-right path to get there and clear out all the enemies.

Wait on the right side of this area and start shooting your Death Cloud when you see the Cleaner show up on your Map. When she gets close, turn around and fly across the middle to the other side of the area. Turn around and start shooting your Death Cloud again.

When the cleaner gets close, use your shield bubble and fly though the Cleaner. Get to the other side of the area, turn around and start firing you Death Cloud. Repeat the process until the cleaner is dead. Weapons like Razor and Spore 83-X Smart Gun can speed up this process.


Recommended equipment

  • 75% all resist
  • Death Cloud
  • Any energy weapon with strong energy damage
  • Long range energy/kinetic weapons,energy recommended

Advanced Tactics

High level players can refine their strategy to kill the Cleaner more efficiently.

Wait on the east side of the bottom right area for him to respawn. He will come to you directly from the east. Use Death Cloud to heal, but your main objective is dealing large Energy hits. The Cleaner has a couple thousand armor, so fast little hits are ineffective. It also has 66% Corrosive resist, and 0% Energy resist, so Energy is the only damage type that works at full effectiveness. This means we're looking for large single hits from a 100% Energy weapon. The Cleaner also has numerous parts, so AoE will multiply our damage. Finally, we can't get anywhere near her without healing her, so short-range weapons are out.

That means the most effective weapons for quickly killing the Cleaner are actually Moth Zero Gland and Plasma Torpedos. These dark horse weapons have found a fantastic niche use here. The best ship to employ these with, since you will need Death Cloud to survive the initial moth and torpedo assault, is probably the Crystal. With the Crystal's natural bonuses and another 200% Energy damage, Moth Zero Gland will reach around 50,000 damage, and Plasma Torpedo will hit 25,000. The Torpedo also adds 3x its damage as a 12-second diminishing burn, so technically it does 100,00 per hit, but this burn is quickly mitigated by the Cleaner's armor. In the end, it is very difficult to say which of the two weapons is the best. Plasma Torpedo feels slightly more Power-efficient, but Moth Zero Gland's AoE is bigger. The other issue is that Plasma Torpedo delivers a diminishing burn that doesn't stack - shooting two Torpedoes will cause the burn damage from one of them to simply be lost. So the best course of action is probably to use both, firing one of each per attack round.

In terms of the actual flight strategy, use Death Cloud to survive the initial moths and torpedoes, and fly in a clockwise circle around the area. Once the moths are clear, do a spin and launch a Zero and a Torpedo. Intersperse Death Clouds as needed to heal. You will find that the Boss Cleaner Head dies after just a few attack rounds (unlike the basic Death Cloud-only strategy) because these weapons deal far better damage through its resists and armor.

Once the Boss Cleaner Head is dead, the Cleaner is more or less neutered. Keep flying a wide circle and spinning every so often to launch a Zero + Torpedo salvo where the head used to be. Each one will hit every piece of the Cleaner, often dealing hundreds of thousands of damage in a single strike. The Blades and the Macrofags will begin dying one by one, which will also lower our DPS since there are fewer targets. Once solely the body is left, switch to Prismatic Crystal or Plasma Gun and quickly finish the job.


  px Acid Spore 3% Chance
  px Artifact 6-8
  px Toxic Waste   
  px Radiated Junk   
  px Gold Crate 5-6


The Cleaner spawns at (1200, 100)
Respawn time 2:30 minutes


This encounter gives 72,000xp to players who defeat it for the first time.