The Cult

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This subject is from Missions.


This is an beginner level mission. There are a handful of steps and a some Space Junk to collect.

Start Location

Ronduria in Durian


Step Mission System
1 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
2 Go to Endarion Hyperion
3 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
4 Go to Recycle Station Durian
5 Recycle 50 Engine Parts Any System
6 Go to Melenda Arrenius
7 Go to Warp Gate Arrenius



Part 1

  • We seem to have found a hitlist on a dead corpse. The only name that is not crossed over is Jane Hansen, according to the notes she is supposed to be a frequent drinker at the Anchorhead Cantina in Durian.
  • Jane: “Who the hell are you? I'm not even close to being attracted to you, nor the right species.. so you're just here for a beer? Yeaaahhh... right... thats the worst lie I've heard today, and thats not saying a little... I bet those damn cult people sent you here to shut me up.. yes, they don't like me, they weren't that fond of my attempt to save my brother. Do you know what they do? You have never heard of them? Thats precisely what one of them would say.. but I actually need some help and I've the perfect mission for you, to prove you're not one of them, infiltrate their settlement and find a certain data chip... what I need it for? Thats not really your business, is it?”

Part 2

  • If we trust her, infiltrate the seemingly peaceful settlement on Endarion and steal the data chip.
  • Captain, the mission was easy and we have successfully stolen the data chip. Maybe too easy if you ask me, we should look out for ambush attempts on our way back.

Part 3

  • Go back to the Anchorhead Cantina and give Jane the data chip. Beware of any ambush attempts from the Cult.
  • Jane: "Pssst... Yeees, that is a sharp edge on your throat.. Did anyone follow you here? .... now, show me the data chip. Hmm... I need to take this to a friend of mine to decode the data. I will stay in hiding here while you take the data chip to my friend. The situation is very tense around here after you stole from the cultist's, we have a bounty on our head now.. they only care about their beliefs and would not hesitate to kill us both to protect it."

Part 4

  • Give the data chip to Kaalifax, an encryption expert. He should be working at the Recycle Station here in Durian.
  • Kaalifax: “Ahh.. another problem to solve.. *squinting at the chip* ... I can see this is no ordinary data chip. How did you aquire it? But I guess that's not for me to ask.. However, I do require some kind of payment for this service. You see, I have a debt to pay to the mob, so I need you to recycle some stuff for me. If you do that I will help you.”

Part 5

  • Kaalifax: "I need you to recycle a few engine parts... uhmm... yes, they are somewhat rare. But I think you can make it, can't you?"
  • Note from Kaalifax: "Thanks for paying my debt.. hehehe... bye!"

Part 6

  • Jane: “Looks like we are in trouble, meet me at Melenda in Arrenius, also, I have someone else here that you might have a score to settle with.”
  • Jane: “I knew I couldn't trust him so I waited for him at the warp gate while you recycled the engine parts. Then we had a serious talk and he confessed he is part of the Cult. According to the data the cult are experimenting on black holes and they are recruiting a small army of fanatics. My brother has been recruited as a fanatic purifier, they are know to attack and assassinate heretics in this system, I need to stop him” Cultist: “Hahahaha… It’s to late to save your brother and we knew you would fall for this trap, the planet has been surrounded by fanatics and now you will die, heretic!”

Part 7

  • Travel to the nearest warp gate.
  • Jane: "That was close, we almost got vaporised. You can let me go now, I have what I need now. I will hunt down my brother and free him from the Fanatics. Take this reward as a token of my gratitude."