The Infestation

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This is an intermediate level mission. There are a handful of steps and a number of enemies to kill. As a reward for completing this mission, you will receive Sonic Missiles.

Start Location

Osho's Upgrades in Arrenius


Step Mission System Reward
1 Kill 3 Elite Gunner or Elite Launcher Arrenius 708 steel, 117 iridium, 11 Fusion Cores, 118 Plasma Fluids, 1 Flux, 484 XP
2 Go to Osho's Upgrades Arrenius 178 steel, 168 XP
3 Go to Holophylla Kritillian 655 steel, 68 iridium, 40 Plasma Fluids, 599 XP
4 Kill 100 Mature Moth, Baby Moth, Evil Moth, Locust or Moth Alpha Kritillian 685 steel, 62 iridium, 614 XP
5 Kill 2 Macrophages around Polueno Zergilin 951 steel, 21 Fusion Cores, 31 Engine Parts, 2 Flux, 624 XP
6 Kill Moth Queen Zergilin 812 steel, 13 Alien Alloys, 18 Core Charges, 2 Flux, 513 XP
7 Go to Upgrade Station Neurona 1 Advanced Data Chip, 9 Alien Alloys, 8 Fusion Cores, 11 Engine Parts, 1 Flux, 1139 XP
8 Kill Mother Brain Neurona 13 Alien Alloys, 14 Big Metal Scraps, 8 Core Charges, 8 Engine Parts, 3966 XP
9 Go to Hangar Sarkinon 1 Advanced Data Chip, 2 Flux, 377 XP
10 Go to Osho's Upgrades Arrenius Sonic Missiles, 34 Flux, 900 XP



Part 1

  • While doing some repairs on the ship we heard some local stories about the mechanical fortress close by. Recently the defenses around it has been increased and it now threatens this station. We should assist them in this fight.
  • Captain! The lead engineer on the Upgrade Station wants to talk with us.

Part 2

  • Land on upgrade station and talk to Osho, the lead engineer.
  • Osho could not thank us enough and told us that he is experimenting on a new weapon that will help them in their defense and he wants to share this technology with us. But they need some expert help in bio energy readings and asked if we can take some readings and travel to Ono, in the Kritillian sector. She have the knowledge to finish their new weapon.

Part 3

  • Ono seem to be a researcher doing field research on infested planets in Kritillian space. Find her and ask her to help Osho build this new weapon.
  • Ono wasn't to pleased to hear from her "friend" and she doesn't believe in armed conflict but agreed she could help us if we helped her with the research on the infestation.

Part 4

  • Kill 100 moths to decrease the infestation rate and help Ono in her research. She believes something evil is behind the spread of the infestation and she wants to find out what it is.
  • According to Ono's latest research she has discovered that the Macrophagse are a vital part of the infestation. She wants to study them up close and she insists that we take her to Polueno in the Zergilin system.

Part 5

  • Goto Polueno in Zergilin and kill 2 Macrophages to give Ono some samples to dissect and study. She will be monitoring their energy signature and behaviour while we attack.
  • Captain, Ono says she found something very interesting. It seem like there is a huge bioenergy reading in the middle of this system. She suspect that there is a Queen here and she insists that we have to kill it. It might reveal more about the insects and whats behind the rapid infestation.

Part 6

  • Get up close and kill the Queen in the center of the Zergilin solar system and then let Ono do her research on the carcass.
  • Captain, we have disturbing news, Ono has found out that the Queen is not responsible for its own actions, it is being mind controlled by something else. The energy readings from the Queen and the mechanical nano robots found inside the carcass indicates that something very unnatural is going on.

Part 7

  • It looks like the insects have been assimilated by something and the bio energy readings seem to indicate that the source is located in Neurona. Head to the Upgrade Station in Neurona and find out what it is.
  • Finally, we are close enough to read out the bio energy signature. Ono calls it the Motherbrain and it seem to be partially biological and part Nezerian technology. This might be one of their sick experiments and maybe the cause of the chaos in the sector.

Part 8

  • Destroy the Motherbrain in Neurona to help Ono stop the rapid infestation and get rid of this abomination once and for all.
  • We successfully destroyed the Motherbrain but there is no indication of any change on infestation. It's apparent from the remnants that the Motherbrain indeed was created by the Nezerians, however it must have been a failure as it was completely out of control.

Part 9

  • Ono was very disappointed that the infestation rate didn't change. However, she asked if we could do her a last favour and drop her off at the Hangar near the Nezerian invasion force in Sarkinon.
  • Ono thanked us one last time and told us to give this data chip to Osho. He knows what to do with it. Also, she wanted us to tell Osho she is sorry about what happened and that she can't go back now.

Part 10

  • Give Osho the data chip to help them complete the new weapon.
  • Osho was very pleased and modified the new weapon to fit our weapon slots, he also replied "I understand".