The New Frontier

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This is a medium mission for lvl 70+. The story is to give a feel of Fulzar and its enemies and resources.

The mission gives out a sizable amount of steel and xp with some artifacts at the end.

Start Location

Weapon Factory in Vibrilian


Step Mission System
1 Go to the Warp Gate Vibrilian
2 Travel to New Erath Fulzar
3 Travel to Recycle Station Fulzar
4 Go to Upgrade Station in Fulzar
5 Kill 5 Nezerian Fighters Fulzar
6 Collect 10 Bionic Implants Fulzar



Part 1

  • Captain, we have a mission to recruit potential pilots for the new frontier in Fulzar. Visit the warp gate in Vibrilian and give them the password: GIlgam35h. This will help you to pay for the warp license to Fulzar.
  • Thank you for entering the password. Your reward will contain 20k steel.

Part 2

  • Travel to New Erath in Fulzar and catch up on the current situation in Fulzar.
  • Admiral Ymer: “Welcome Captain, as you can see we are trying to colonize and defend new Erath from both the Aureus and Nezerians. Things have not gone well so far and we are greatly under powered. However, right now they seem to be busy fighting each other and less concerned about us. This is our chance to secure New Erath and become a permanent power in this sector. Talk to Lieutentant Nguyen and he will brief you about the current situation.”

Part 3

  • Talk to Lieutenant Nguyen at the recycle station
  • Lieutentant Nguyen: “Hmm.. so you are the latest recruit? I hope Admiral Ymer’s instincts are better than mine, because you don’t seem to be ready yet. The Aureus are not ordinary aliens, they use teleport to instantly appear in front of you, incinerate you and then teleports back to their domain. And to make everything worse, the Nezerians, in their desperate attempt to survive have managed to develop a bionic technology to fully control Moth Queens and their kin. We are almost certain the lunatic and mad man Xhargreg is involved somehow. But for now this has balanced the sector and stopped the Aureus from reaching us. Assist Ace with their defences and counter attacks against the Nezerians.”

Part 4

  • Talk to and assist Agent Ace at the upgrade station.
  • Agent Ace: “Ah… we have a new fellow in our ranks. Do you even know what you are up against? …. I thought so. To achieve anything meningful we need to use guerilla tactics, we can’t just attack the Nezerians head on, they are much to powerful for that. Instead we have to pick them off one by one before we can strike against one of their battle stations. Also, they have polyhedric coating that gives them full resistance against corrosive weapons and a strong kinetic plating, so I would strongly advice you to use energy weapons. You can start by attacking a few Nezerian fighters at the outer region. You should be familiar with them already so they should be an easy target.”

Part 5

  • Kill 5 Nezerian fighters in Fulzar to help Ace in their counter attacks.
  • Agent Ace: “It looks like the Nezerian Fighters caused you more trouble than expected. However, we don’t have time to babysit you. Try and collect 10 bionic implants, they can sometimes be salvaged from the remains of a bionic creature. We think they are key to find weaknesses in the bionic armor.

Part 6

  • Collect 10 bionic implants that is going to be used for research.
  • Agent ace: “Hmm… that took a long time, but at least you’re still alive. I was afraid we had lost yet another pilot. The bionic implants are extremely important and we thank you for the effort. As a reward, take these resources and invest them wisely in upgrades. There also a few spare artifacts in the armory. You will need it!”