The Nezerian Threat

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This is a difficult mission to complete. Not only is a Nezerian Dreadnought a difficult enemy, it has a very long spawn timer. If DreadBot is in PvP, Nezerian Dreadnoughts will be spawned, and typing $DN in chat will tell you the coords for them.

Start Location

Hangar in Sarkinon


Step Mission System Reward
1 Kill 3 Nezerian Dreadnought‎ Sarkinon 5743 Hydrogen Crystals, 5161 Iridium, 100k steel, 64 Flux, 3x lv 84 Artifacts, 49352 XP


Part 1

  • AF Agent: “We’ve been observing these Nezerians for a while now and we’ve acquired data indicating an incoming assault within the next two hours. I’m afraid we got some bad news, among the reinforcements there is a new kind of ship, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. We have no clue how to take them down… although almost certain death… perhaps you could assist us in trying to hold this sector once they arrive?
  • AF Agent: “Incredible! We were sure this would have been the end of us all. The Antor Federation is forever indebted to you!”