The Sacrifice

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This subject is from Missions.


This is a medium mission for average players lvl 50+. The Story Line is quite fun as a chief sacrificing his tribe mans.

The mission reward 1000 Hearts, which gives about 2465 Plasma Fluids and 1506 Hydrogen Crystal.

Start Location

Warp Gate in Sarkinon


Step Mission System Reward
1 Go to the Amadun in Sarkinon 1271 XP
2 Kill 150 Electro Blobs Vibrilian, Neurona, Sarkinon 1000 Hearts, 7500 XP
3 Kill 150 Vicious Blades
4 Kill 80 Blood Macrophages
5 Kill 25 Infested Fanatics
6 Go to: Amadun Sarkinon
7 Go to: Warp Gate Sarkinon



Part 1

  • The Helping Hand Foundation: “Examin the planet Amadun in Sarkinon and observe the neolitic tribe that has been discovered there. Be careful and don’t disturb their culture. Report back to us when you are ready.”
  • Priest: “A new bright star has appeared on the night sky and its calling for our devotion. Worship the god and we will recieve eternal blessing in our afterlife! Bless us all with his knowledge!”

Part 2

  • Kill [amount] Electro Blobs to impress the neolitic tribe on Amadun.
  • Priest: “Hail the new god! A sign appeared on the sky again and an army of blobs were slayed. May he be worshipped in eternity and prepare the fiest of a thousand souls!”

Part 3

  • Kill [amount] Viscous Blades to practise your omnipotence.
  • Priest: “Bless us all! The saviour has once more appeared on the sky and the spinning daemons were vanquished. Hail our saviour! Prepare the fiest of a thousand virgins!”

Part 4

  • Kill [amount] Blood Macrophages to convince the priest even more.
  • Priest: “Alas! The god is forgiving, he refuses more than a tenth of our usual sacrifice to show his kindness to the people. Prepare the small harvest of a hundred souls!”

Part 5

  • Destroy [amount] Infested Fanatics to impress the tribe even more.
  • Priest: “A miracle has happened! The god has bestowed great power in me, thus I will continue to watch over you, my beloved, but very few children. Hail me and let the fiest of seven souls begin!”

Part 6

  • Visit the great priest and use your omnipotence to convince him to sacrifice his ancient tribal artifacts.
  • Crew: “I think we should keep this little episode to our self when we report back to the foundation. We have to explain why the population has been decimated to one!“

Part 7

  • Head back to the warpgate in Sarkinon and give the Helping Hand Foundation a short explanation of the neolitic tribes internal conflicts and the horrific sacrifices made to a local diety.
  • The Helping Hand Foundation: “Err… a population of one? Sacrifices to a dragon? A thousand virgins entering the sky? I think we are better off with someone else in the future. Thank you for trying though.”