The Swarm

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The Swarm is a short mission that takes place in Arrenius and involves the spawning of the moth based swarm in Arrenius.

Start Location

AF Research Station in Arrenius


Step Mission System
1 Kill 20 Swarming Dire Moth Arrenius
2 Kill 10 Swarming Moth Arrenius
3 Kill 1 Immature Moth Queen Arrenius



Part 1

  • Lieutenant Keryn: "We need valiant defenders against the swarm invasions that threatens Arrenius every hour or so. Kill the insects that eat armor plating first, I recommend the flame thrower."
  • Lieutenant Keryn: "Great work captain! We managed to stop the invasion eventually. But unfortunately we can already see another one forming in the Gellan system and it will be here in about an hour. Prepare yourself to squash some more bugs!"

Part 2

  • Lieutenant Keryn: "We have prevailed again. However, the swarm is endless, help us in the next invasion and kill [amount] Swarming Moths."
  • Lieutenant Keryn: "Good job captain, there is still more waves to come. And this time you have to kill the swarm Queen. Don't panic, it's less dangerous than a mature queen. There are even a report of a huge Dread Queen somewhere in the Gellan System."

Part 3

  • Lieutenant Keryn: "Kill the swarm Queen during the next invasion. This will hopefully make the insects confused and maybe delay the next swarm."
  • Lieutenant Keryn: "The Queen died, but it made little difference except keeping the Arrenius system under control for another hour. However, we urge you to explore the Gellan sector to put an end to this."