The Twins

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This subject is from Missions.


This is a mission for new players. There are only a couple of steps and no combat is required.

Start Location

Endarion in Hyperion


Step Mission System
1 Go to Upgrade Shack Hyperion
2 Go to Endarion Hyperion



Part 1

  • Please help us, our twin ship was not able to drop out of warp and got lost in the outskirts of this solar system. We obtained these coordinates from there last distress call. It should be close to the Elite zone. Please open the map (M) and head to these coordinates: x = -203, y = -414
  • The crew of the twin ship seems to gone. A few people on the station recall a vessel was salvaged just a few days ago. But they say there were no survivors. We should head back to Endarion and tell them the bad news.

Part 2

  • Head back to Endarion and tell them the bad news about their twin ship.
  • The settlers were very sad to lose their family and friends. But despite the dispair they seem to have found strength and promised each other to work hard to honour their beloved dead.