The Ultimate Poison

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This is a very difficult mission to complete. There are a lot of steps, you will need to kill a lot of enemies and some of the enemies are very strong so its best to do this mission in a group. As a reward for completing this mission, you will receive a Death Cloud,which can be very useful later on.

Start Location

Warp Gate in Kritillian


Step Mission System
1 Kill 75 Baby Moths Kritillian
2 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
3 Kill 8 Moth Alphas Hozar
4 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
5 Kill 888 Ice Moths Zergilin
6 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
7 Kill 8 Macrophages around Polueno Zergilin
8 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
9 Kill 512 Black Moths or Dread Moths Mitrilion
10 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
11 Kill 8 Daemons Vibrilian
12 Kill 1 Nezerian Battleship Sarkinon
13 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
14 Kill 8 Experimental Macrophages Sarkinon
15 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin
16 Kill 256 Dread Moths Cynapsian
17 Go to Xhargregs Research Station Zergilin



Part 1

  • Xhargreg: ”What a lovely system! Think of all the possible opportunities here.. all those cute little bugs.. hmm although forget about that ‘little’ part… Hehehehergrgh. Uhm, right, what was I doing? Oh, right, talking to you... see those green lite cute moth like insects out there? Doesn't the color of their poison just look so exciting? Gather poison from 75 of those and I might… or might not reward you…"
  • Xhargreg: ”Good job, now bring all that poison to me at my research station in Zergilin"

Part 2

  • Xhargreg: ”Good job, now bring all that poison to me at my research station in Zergilin."
  • Xhargreg: ”Why hello there! Who might you be? Oh look at all that green poison!!! Gimme! I need a few seconds to examine it..." *45 minutes later* Xhargreg: ”Why are you still here? Stop bothering me I’m busy!" *2 hours and 50 minutes later* Xhargreg: ”This poison is fantastic! I just came up with a new research topic, let’s make the perfect poison! What are you talking about? A reward? Sure, here are few bug legs, enjoy!"

Part 3

  • Xhargreg: ”Let’s make the perfect poison! I’m sure you don’t have anything better to do anyway. The bigger moths are bound to have more potent poisons, right? Perfect logic! I remember seeing large moths in Hozar. Go there and kill 8 Moth Alphas. Why 8 you say? Well 8 is a perfectly symmetrical number, therefore it’s the ideal choice."
  • None

Part 4

  • Xhargreg: ”Worthless! This goo isn’t even poisonous. You want a reward for a failure? Fine you can have a nice little reward… yeeees…"
  • None

Part 5

  • Xhargreg: ”Here’s your reward; you’ll get to kill 888 ice-moths and gather their rather peculiar ice venom. Happy? What? No?? You can even keep their squishy eyes for yourself! What could be better? Now get going, I need a nap."
  • Xhargreg: ”Finally... that took forever... Zzzz.. are you even trying? Return to me with the poison... and please... do it before the world ends... "

Part 6

  • Return to Xhargregs Research Station in Zergilin with your findings.
  • Xhargreg: ”Why did you wake me up??? Oh, excellent, this is much more interesting.. But still not good enough. While you were slacking off killing those 888 ice-moths I did some real work and discovered that there are some extremely toxic Macrophages around the planet Pouleno. Go there and play with them a bit, won’t ya? Hehe…"

Part 7

  • Kill 8 Macrophages around Polueno
  • Xhargreg: ”Oh, you’re still alive? Good… I think. Now come back here so I can reward you properly. "

Part 8

  • Return to Xhargregs Research station in Zergilin with the Macrophage toxins. Could there possibly be a real reward this time?
  • Xhargreg: ”Most exquisit… this venom is just amazing. A single gram could kill thousands… and you brought back several barrels. I must be the luckiest person in the world… heheherhghrhgh. It has a very strange property of transferring the victims vital energies to the infector... I’m sure this could be highly useful if weaponized… luckily I love making weapons… what could be more fun? Oh, right, a reward… hmmm… have this wasp stinger… Now for next part"

Part 9

  • Xhargreg: ”Do you know what’s annoying? There’s some kind of exploding moths in Mitrilion.. Really annoying, they blew up my scout drones. How am I supposed to scout for toxins with those things around? Go kill them… all of them."
  • Xhargreg: ”What took you so long? Well… fine fine, no need to get upset... good job... have a vial of Cyanide… it’s always good to have one of those… who knows when you end up attending a dull dinner party... hehehgghruhu Meanwhile I discovered something useful, there’s some strange kind of heavily armoured insectoids in Vibrilion, I believe they hold the key to the ultimate poison. "

Part 10

  • Go to Vibrilian and kill 8 Deamons, be careful they can be a bit nasty
  • None

Part 11

  • Return to Xhargregs Research Station in Zergilin with the Deamon toxins.
  • Xhargreg: ”Good good, I’ve come quite far in my research, just look at this.. *dribbles some unspeakable liquid on the floor*... oh and don’t mind the corpse pile in the corner over there… they all volunteered in the name of science. Do you know of the Nezerians? I might have been working with them, a long time ago… before some.. hundreds of unfortunate and *totally* accidental deaths… Hehehehghrhrhgr... anyway since I left them I believe they have perfected their bioengineering equipment. I need you to go and *borrow* some of that equipment, you should be able to salvage enough from one Battle Ship."

Part 12

  • Go and *borrow* some bioengineering equipment from a Nezerian Battle Ship in Sarkinon.
  • None

Part 13

  • Return to Xhargregs Research Station in Zergilin with the bioengineering equipment.
  • Xhargreg: ”Excellent job there, just the equipment I needed. I’m certain I can create a quite unique weapon with this. A weaponized gland capable of releasing a cloud of parasitic venom able to leech the targets life energy. However we still need a few more biological components… nothing in particularly difficult. Have you heard of “The Cleaner”? The Nezerians created that bio-engineering marvel to deal with their previous failed experiment… which I totally did not have anything to do with at all… erhhm yes, anyway there is a secret Nezerian research facility at x: -318, y: 752 in Sarkinon, where they are experimenting on Macrophages similar to the ones attached to the Cleaner. Gather samples from these. And here, a little bonus for your excellent work! Yes! It’s a bug leg! Enjoy!"

Part 14

  • Go to the secret Nezerian research facility at x: -318, y: 752 in Sarkinon, gather samples from 8 Experimental Macrophages. *hint: You need to figure out some way to deal with their insane healing abilities.
  • Xhargreg: ”Odd… you’re alive? You haven’t mutated into some horrid abomination? Sigh… I guess you can’t have everything... I might have forgot to tell you about their mutagenic poison… Anyway return here with the Macrophage samples”

Part 15

  • Return to Xhargregs Research station in Zergilin with the Macrophage samples.
  • Xhargreg: ”Look at this! Just what was missing… I’ll get on with creating the ultimate toxin… I came up with an excellent name for the weapon… the Death Cloud! You know… a cloud… that makes things die? Erhhm... Death… Cloud...? You get it? While I work on the Death Cloud… could you do me a small favour? Go kill the Dread Moths in Cynapsian. Maybe... about… ALL of them... should be enough… Did I mention I hate those bloody exploding moths? Always killing my poor poor scout drones”

Part 16

  • Xhargreg: ”Go kill the Dread Moths in Cynapsian. Maybe... about… ALL OF THEM... should be enough…”
  • Xhargreg: ”Great news everyone! I've discovered a new kind of wasps in my kitchen. Come back and check them out right away! Oh... and the Death Cloud is done, you can pick it up at the same time…"

Part 17

  • Return to Xhargregs Research station in Zergilin and check out the new wasps he discovered. (You can also pick up the Death Cloud)
  • Xhargreg: ”What do you think? Aren't these giant wasps amazing? Hmmm.. wonder if the mutagenic poison you brought back last time had anything to do with it... are you really sure you don't wanna try some? Oh, right, right, here you go, the Death Cloud… one of my finest creations… I hope you enjoy it! It was almost endurable to work with you… perhaps you could be of further use sometime in the future… once a way to re enter Fulzar has been discovered. Oh and if you encounter any Nezerians.. please do feel free to test the Death Cloud on them… Hehehehhrgrhghghgh..."