An Unknown Threat

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"Captain they say its a threat, but don't know what it is
we need to get the crew together and figure this out."

This subject is from Missions.

Start Location

Weapon Factory in Arrenius


Step Mission System
1 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
2 Go to Warp Gate Kritillian
3 Destroy 75 Enemies Anywhere
4 Destroy 25 Flower Spawner Kritillian
5 Kill a Dread Queen or a Moth Queen
6 Go to Warp Gate Kritillian
7 Kill one Fanatic Kritillian
8 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
9 Pick up 250 Hydrogen Spill Anywhere
10 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
11 Go to Warp Gate Kritillian
12 Go to Axalon, Eufelion, then Melifon Hozar
13 Go to Pirate Bay Hozar
14 Kill 60 Moth Alphas Hozar
15 Go to Warp Gate Mitrilion
16 Go to Orgasin, then Armoji Mitrilion
17 Go to Roskur Mitrilion
18 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
19 Go to Warp Gate Vibrilian
20 Go to Withered Roots (887,220) Vibrilian
21 Go to Warp Gate Vibrilian
22 Go to Hangar Sarkinon
23 Destroy 15 Nezerian Fighter Sarkinon
24 Destroy 3 Nezerian Battlecruiser Sarkinon
25 Destroy 1 Nezerian Battleship Sarkinon
26 Go to Nezerian Research Base (-291,683) Sarkinon
27 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
28 go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
29 Go to Golgata III Neurona
30 Go to AFIS HQ Arrenius
30 Go to Anchorhead Cantina Durian
31 Go to Warp Gate Arrenius
32 Go to New Erath Fulzar
33 Go to AF Security Gate Fulzar
34 Destroy an Aureus Warrior or Aureus Monachus Fulzar
35 Destroy an Aureus Sidus Fulzar
36 Destroy an Aureus Judicator Fulzar
37 Go to AFIS HQ (Spawns Aureus mobs & Judicator at AFIS HQ, call for help on global) Arrenius
38 Land on Warp Gate Arrenius
39 Collect 2000 Big Metal Scrap Anywhere
40 Land on New Erath and meet admiral Ymer Fulzar
41 Go to the AF Recycle Station Fulzar
42 Destroy the Executor (will make AF Peacekeepers your pets temporarily, they will leave when you leave the game or warp to another system) Fulzar



Part 1

  • Operative Smith: “Ah, there you are, we have been expecting your arrival to Arenius.... we have ‘obtained’ a copy of one report, which you ‘supposedly’ presented to a Lieutenant Kreiger… regarding the destruction of Azuron... yes… we are somewhat impressed with your fairly rapid progress… you could potentially be of some minor use to us.. if.. you are interested… that is… go to the AFIS HQ… it located southwest of the main system here in Arrenius...”
  • AF Agent: “So you have decided to join our organisation? Good… welcome to the AFIS. We could definitely use more ‘competent’ agents. We have obtained several points of intel indicating that this new alien race have a major base of operations somewhere in the Gellan system. Your first task is to head over to the Gellan system and contact operative Smith for further information, he’s at the Warp Gate in Kritillian.“

Part 2

  • Meet Operative Smith at the Warp Gate in Kritillian.
  • Operative Smith: “Take a quick look around the most proximate area.. assess the strength of the hostiles… go… be useful”

Part 3

  • Investigate the strength of the enemies in the area. Kill at least 75 enemies of various types.
  • Operative Smith: “Interesting data… this system is overrun by these bug like aliens… numerous but fairly weak... good… these bug like creatures have recently been starting to pour into the Arrenius system... they may potentially pose a threat. We should identify the source… and by we I mean you… get going… investigate the flower like structures“

Part 4

  • Destroy 25 flower like structures orbiting planets in the Kritillian system.
  • Operative Smith: “Well done… very useful… they appear to shut down any hatching activity while taking damage… while useful knowledge... these structures are not the source they are merely incubators… the source must be elsewhere… if they are like their smaller counterparts back on Erath… maybe they have a queen… find and kill it… locating it might prove quite a challenge.. a good test of your resourcefulness”

Part 5

  • Find and kill an insectoid queen somewhere in the Gellan Sector.
  • Operative Smith: “You are indeed quite skilled… not a second wasted… make haste… return to the Warp Gate in Kritillian… I have uncovered some potentially valuable intel.”

Part 6

  • Go to the Warp Gate in Kritillian.
  • Operative Smith: “Apart from the insectoids there are two sentient factions present in this area… they might be able to serve as a useful source of intel… the so called ‘Fanatics’ and the ‘Renegades’... lets flip coins on who get what… *flips a coin*... oh.. lucky… you get the Fanatics… go kidnap a Fanatic Pilot… and bring him to the AFIS HQ in Arrenius… for further processing”

Part 7

  • Destroy a fighter belonging to the ‘Fanatics’ in Kritillian and capture the pilot.
  • Fanatics Pilot: “I will never tell you heathen scum anything!”

Part 8

  • Bring the prisoner to the AFIS HQ in Arrenius.
  • AF Agent: “Here is your receipt for one prisoner, we will contact you with the results of the information retrieval services... hehe... oh and please do be careful the receipt will self-destruct in 30 seconds… hehe…”

Part 9

  • AF Agent: “This will take a while… so in the meantime… go gather 250 units of Hyrdogen Spill… because we need it… for something… which is of course… a secret… so just get to it… and don’t bother asking any questions...”
  • AF Agent: “Ok… thanks…”

Part 10

  • Return to AFIS HQ in Arrenius to receive any extracted intel.
  • AF Agent: “Bleh, I don’t want to have deal with those fanatics ever again… they are just completely nuts.. he wouldn’t stop talking about the golden gods and that they will soon return and annihilate all heathens… We were unable to get any useful information.”

Part 11

  • Rendezvous with Operative Smith at the Warp Gate in Kritillian.
  • Operative Smith: “So the fanatics didn’t provide any useful information… that’s a shame… meanwhile... I did managed to get some intel from a Renegade.. they are currently engaged in hunting down a defector… it’s it vital that we find this defector before they do… this will be your highest priority… he was last seen warping to Hozar...”

Part 12

  • Go to Hozar and search for the Renegade Defector. *Hint: Investigate all planets*
  • Crew Member: There’s no sign of the Renegade Defector anywhere… maybe there’s a hidden station somewhere?

Part 13

  • Find the hidden station and inquire about any suspicious individuals…
  • Black Market Merchant: “I might have seen someone like that, a little favour might refresh my memory. These bloody giant space moths keeps eating my supply vessels, most frustrating. Why would they even want to eat a metal ship? Take down a few and I will assist you in turn.”

Part 14

  • Assist the Black Market Merchant by killing 60 Moth Alphas in Hozar.
  • Black Market Merchant: “Thank you very very much! This will make my life a lot easier. I will keep my end of the bargain. The person you are looking for came past here a few days, I sold him a new ship and some replicated weapons. He was last seen warping to Mitrilion, he’s probably laying low on some planet there.”

Part 15

  • Rendezvous with Operative Smith at the Warp Gate in Mitrilion.
  • Operative Smith: “Ok... well done… getting to this miserable system… it’s completely overrun by insects… especially those suicidal explosive moths… who even came up with that idea...? Anyway… enough about the local fauna... let’s split up and cover all the planets.. I head west… you head east… start with Armoji and Orgasin...”

Part 16

  • Search for the Renegade Defector on Armoji and Orgasin in Mitrilion.
  • Operative Smith: “Nothing? I didn’t find anything in the west portion of the system… I was afraid of this… there are only two areas left... I’ll continue to the west… you’ll continue to the east and investigate the planet Roskur.. you may need some assistance this time… it looks really nasty on the scanners…”

Part 17

  • Land on Roskur in Mitrilion and search for the Renegade Defector. Crew: “This planet seems to be very heavily defended! We may need some assistance here”
  • Renegade Defector: “Who are you? How did you even find me here? I’m actually very impressed… I’m living in a small container in the middle of giant forest on a heavily defended alien planet in the middle of the insect infested Gellan sector… I thought people would take a hint that I maybe didn’t want to be found. So what do you want? You want information about the Nezerians? Sure… I’ll come with you, since you are going to have to find me a new hiding place, the Renegades don’t take very kindly to defectors.”

Part 18

  • Bring the Renegade Defector to AFIS HQ in Arrenius.
  • Renegade Defector: “Here??? You think this place is safe? Not a chance!” AF Agent: “This is probably the safest place in the galaxy… for some at least… hehe…” Renegade Defector: “You clearly don’t know much… the Renegades will hunt me to the ends of the universe if they have to.. ” AF Agent: “Ungrateful! We could just interrogate you… we’ll have you talking in minutes...” Renegade Defector: “I’ll never talk… I would be dead either way” Operative Smith: “Let’s not get hastily here… specify your terms…“ Renegade Defector: “Just find me a safe place to hide..”

Part 19

  • Bring the Renegade Defector to the Warp Gate Vibrilian.
  • Operative Smith: “We have located a small plant far outside the main system… perhaps this will do? There’s absolutely nothing there... except for bugs… it’s located at the coordinates x: 887, y: 220” Renegade Defector: “Yes, bring me there alive… and I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Part 20

  • Bring the Renegade Defector to the small planet located at the coordinates x: 887, y: 220 in Vibrilian.
  • Renegade Defector: “Thank you! I’m finally safe again. So, what do you want to know? You want to find the Nezerians? Why? Are you insane..?? Ok Ok… I’ll tell you everything I know. The Nezerians have an outpost in Sarkinon. We, the Renegades used to be the AF Black Ops Division. Only a few hundreds of us survived the massacre in Azuron. We will never forget what we saw that day. The Renegades are sworn to take revenge on the accursed Nezerians. To end their miserable existence and avenge all our fallen comrades. The difference in strength was just too great… we decided to give up anything in order to obtain power. But recently they have gone to far. I can’t put a blind eye to it any longer.. I didn’t mind the stealing… but the torture, the countless murders and the horrific experiments. Everything just to get a technological advantage against the damned Nezerians. There is one more thing you should know… the reason the Nezerians came to Azuron… it was not for us… slaughtering our fleets was just a pastime while they waited… for the golden ones...”

Part 21

  • Rendezvous with Operative Smith at the Warp Gate in Vibrilion.
  • Operative Smith: “Excelent work… this turned out to be quite worth our time… I have a bad feeling about this… there was nothing but fear in his voice when he mentioned “the golden ones”... anyway we have more pressing problems… the Nezerians are in Sarkinon… that is too close for comfort.. we need to investigate this… find your way into Sarkinon and locate the Nezerian presence.”

Part 22

  • Find the Nezerians in Sarkinon and Rendezvous with the AFIS at a convenient location in their vicinity.
  • Operative Smith: “This is bad… the Nezerians seems to have a very heavy presence in this region… and they are definitely very hostile… they ignore any attempt at communication and fire upon anything else at sight… we need to assess their combat potential... lookout.. we have incomings

Part 23

  • Access the Nezerians combat potential, take down 15 fighters.
  • Operative Smith: “Agile, and armed with high power plasters… luckily they are lacking in armor and shields… lets continue with the heavier ships…”

Part 24

  • Access the Nezerians combat potential, take down three Cruisers.
  • Operative Smith: “Very heavily armored… long range gatling gun… good weapons and armor… good quality equipment… but still… nothing exceptionally high tech...”

Part 25

  • Access the Nezerians combat potential, take down one Battleship.
  • Operative Smith: “Very heavily armored… heavy missiles… now those plasma torpedoes… that’s something new... acquiring the technology behind those would be a big achievement… anyway thats enough data… we can deal some damage to them… but it looks bad… they are still very strong… I doubt AF could put up much of a fight as it stands to today… fortunately.. I have a solution.. let’s kidnap a Nezerian Scientist… we have located a ‘nearly’ undefended Nezerian research facility…“

Part 26

  • Kidnap a Nezerian Scientist from the Nezerian Research facility located at the coordinates x: -291 y: 683 in Sarkinon.
  • Nezerian Scientist: “Nahgreh zarreph ghaark! GHAARK! GHAARK!”

Part 27

  • Return to AFIS HQ in Arrenius
  • Operative Smith: “Excellent… however there seems to be a bit of an issue here…” Nezerian Scientist: “GHAARK!! Herath kraka zherphek!” Operative Smith: “Oh do shut up! We need to find someone to help us translate their language… I leave this up to you...”

Part 28

  • Crew: “Maybe we should locate Dr. Mira? She was able to translate the Nezerians logs last time.” Look for Dr. Mira at the Anchorhead Cantina in Durian.
  • Bar Keeper: “Yeah, I remember her, she sure could handle her liquor. But she is not here any longer… she said something about a giant space brain… in some place called… what was it again.. oh right Neurona… if that’s even a real place” Nezerian Scientist: “Uhay nuur bar!” Bar Keeper: “Err… what? Who’s that guy?” Nezerian Scientist: “GHAARK!!!” Bar Keeper: “Ghaark to you too…. now either order something or… GET… LOST!"

Part 29

  • Search for Dr. Mira, she should be on a planet somewhere in Neurona.
  • Dr. Mira: “What do you want? Can’t you tell I’m busy here? I’m trying to learn a moth-larva to speak our language!” Nezerian Scientist: “Harga nuur zharg kraka zherphek zhur.” Dr. Mira: “Fascinating!” Nezerian Scientist: “Hur gak?” Dr. Mira: “Ok… let’s go somewhere less hostile and talk. How about to the Anchorhead Cantina?”

Part 30

  • Return to AFIS HQ with the kidnapped Nezerian Scientist and Dr. Mira. Nezerian Scientist: “Fharg gak kraka zhur...” Dr. Mira: “Hmmm….” Nezerian Scientist: “Gak?”
  • Dr. Mira: “I can use the previous data I obtained from the Dominator to translate.” Nezerian Scientist: “GHAARK!!!” Dr. Mira: “He said ‘HELP!!’” Operative Smith: “Tell him… ‘No.’” Dr. Mira: “Hurag hark” Nezerian Scientist: “Fharg gak kraka zhur. Harga nuur zharg kraka zherphek zhur...” Dr. Mira: “He said ‘Let me go, I don’t have time for this nonsense.’” Nezerian Scientist: “Hujarh nur kjajarh…. Kark!” Dr. Mira: “You are insignificant… Worthless!” *2 hours later Operative Smith: “Yawn… he won’t say anything useful... all we’ve found is that they don’t know who we are… and they most certainly don’t care… they just see us as target practise… he seems to really fear something… something they refer to only as... the golden ones.. somewhere inside Fulzar… you should report our findings to Admiral Cheng in Arrenius… they need to know what to prepare for...”

Part 31

  • Report to Admiral Cheng in Arrenius.
  • Admiral Cheng: “This is terrible news and the timing couldn’t be much worse… except, I wonder who the golden ones are? Something even the Nezerians dread… That’s not a good sign. We have just launched a venture into Fulzar, in an attempt to find more habitable planets. I fear for the expeditions safety. Go to Fulzar! You must make haste… Contact Admiral Ymer in Fulzar. I will dispatch assistance as soon as possible.

Part 32

  • Make your way to Fulzar and contact Admiral Ymer.
  • Admiral Ymer “Yes, the situation here is bad. Although not as bad as it could have been. The Nezerians and the Aureus, the so called the ‘Golden Ones’ are too busy fighting each other to bother with us. Contact Operative Smith, I think he’s got a plan… and if I know him by now it will certainly involve a kidnapping”

Part 33

  • Find Operative Smith in Fulzar.
  • Operative Smith: “Ah there you are… I have a cunning plan… “ Crew Member: “Let me guess… you want us to kidnap an Aureus Pilot?” Operative Smith: “How did you know about my top secret plan?” Crew Member: “It’s the same plan everytime!” Operative Smith: “Hrrrmmm… let’s just get on with it…”

Part 34

  • Destroy an Aureus Warrior or Monachus and kidnap the pilot!
  • Operative Smith: “What do you mean empty? No pilot? A drone ship? That’s too bad… guess we have to look to the bigger classes if we want to find a manned vessel… maybe an Aureus Sidus will do...”

Part 35

  • Destroy an Aureus Sidus and kidnap the pilot!
  • Operative Smith: “What the??? It can split? And it’s also unmanned? Actually it’s not that much of a surprise… a pilot couldn’t survive that spinning... anyway it would be a shame to give up now… keep looking… next… go for an Aureus Judicator...“

Part 36

  • Destroy an Aureus Judicator and kidnap the pilot!
  • Operative Smith: “Finally, we got one! Quick, let’s get out of here… before that giant ship comes after us.. head for the AFIS HQ in Arrenius.”

Part 37

  • Return to the AFIS HQ in Arrenius.
  • AF Agent: “Let’s get on with this…” *The Aureus Pilot has not made a single sound one the way here. It is wearing full golden body armor.* Operative Smith: “Who are you? You better speak up… or I might have to get nasty” Dr. Mira: “Does it even know our language?” AF Agent: “You have one last chance… what do your people want with us?” Aureus Pilot: “We Want You To Die.” Dr. Mira: “How can you know our language??” Aureus Pilot: “The Languages Of Such Simple Life Forms Does Not Pose Much Of A Challenge.” AF Agent: “You better be careful scum… realise your situation!” Dr. Mira: “Why are you fighting everyone? If you are superior… shouldn’t you strive for galactic peace.” Aureus Pilot: “You Are A Statistical Anomaly Which Must Be Corrected For. Your Only Useful Function Is Your Ability To Die.” Dr. Mira: “How rude...” Operative Smith: “I have had enough!” Aureus Pilot: “My Brethren Have Arrived For Me.” *The Aureus Pilot fades away leaving only a weak golden mirage in his place.* Operative Smith: “What a failure… hurry prepare for battle...”

Part 38

  • Operative Smith: “You survived??? That is at least some good news! It would have been a shame to lose such a useful tool. You better report everything to Admiral Cheng at the Warp Gate in Arrenius”
  • Admiral Cheng: “Good work, at least we know that negotiation with the Aureus is not an option. We should strike them now, they are clearly underestimating us. Maybe we can deal a decisive strike before they know what hit them... We need to prepare a massive strike force, this naturally requires a vast amount of resources and everyone will have to pitch in… collect 2000 pieces of large metal scraps and bring them to the AF Recycle Station in Fulzar.”

Part 39

  • Collect 2000 pieces of Big Metal Scraps for the war effort!
  • Lieutenant Nguyen: “Take this reward as a token of appreciation for your assistance. Bring it to the resources to the recycle station in Fulzar.”

Part 40

  • Bring the resources to the AF Recycle Station in Fulzar.
  • Lieutenant Nguyen: “That should be enough to finish our new Battleship class vessels. It’s time to strike the Aureus and take down their major force in the area; the Executor. When you are ready go talk to Admiral Ymer.”

Part 41

  • Talk to Admiral Ymer at New Erath in Fulzar when you are prepared to strike the Aureus Executor.
  • Admiral Ymer: “This is it! Let’s go to war! It’s now or never! This will be our best chance to destroy that monstrosity! Get ready to engage the Enemy! All ships: Forward!”

Part 42

  • Join the assault and destroy the Aureus Executor!
  • Admiral Ymer: “I can’t believe it! You did it! You are a true hero! Although our losses were heavy, this is great news! We have finally been able to deal a real blow to them! Maybe the settlers of New Erath can finally feel safe.”