Upgrading Artifacts

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Your crew can upgrade your artifacts make them more powerful. Normally when upgrading an artifact it will gain a single level providing a small boost to its stats. However there is a small chance that the artifact will gain multiple levels boosting its stats significantly. An artifact can be upgraded a maximum of 10 times. The skills and abilities of your crew effect your chances for a multi-level upgrade.

There are many factors that will affect if an artifact will gain a multiple levels. In order to maximize your chances of a multi-level upgrade, you will want to use a crew member with the following stats:

  • 800 skill points across Combat, Diplomacy and Survival.
  • 8 special skills (cold, first-contact, energy weapons etc) unlocked.
  • 500 skill points for each different type of stat the artifact has. See table below

Artifact stat Skill Maximum cap
Damage (including omni enhancers) Combat 500 points
Resist, shield, armor Survival 500 points
Power, rate of fire, speed Diplomacy 500 points
Resist all Combat, Survival, and Diplomacy 800 total points


The following are examples of different artifacts and the skill points your crew would need for the best chance of a multi-level upgrade;

Artifact Stats Crew Skills
+ Shield
  • 500 Survival skill points
  • 800 total skill points
  • 8 special skills unlocked
+ Health
+ Energy damage
  • 500 Survival skill points
  • 500 Combat skill points
  • 8 special skills unlocked
+ Resist all
  • 800 total skill points
  • 8 special skills unlocked
+ Shield
+ Power
+ Kinetic damage
  • 500 Survival skill points
  • 500 Diplomacy skill points
  • 500 Combat skill points
  • 8 special skills unlocked

Other Factors

There are other variables which can effect the chance of a multi-level upgrade. If the artifact level is lower than the potential level, it will inherently have a better chance of a multi-level upgrade. Keep in mind that even with all skills at their caps there is still a large random element and a one level upgrade is the most common result.. There is also a certain amount of educated guessing in determining the exact way the system works because information supplied by the developers leaves room for interpretation.

Player Review ( Thought to be incorrect by many players)

The complex and confusing Artifact Upgrading system can easily frustrate those new to Astroflux. Basically, what all this means: don't upgrade artifacts until extremely late in the game. I've been level 100 for awhile and I'm still training my crew. You should really unlock every skill and get all your crew to 500 in all three major skills before you upgrade - that way you are guaranteed to get the maximum chance for extra levels.

Upgrading artifacts is likely the last way you will gain power from any Astroflux system. You will max out your levels and ship upgrades long before you can effectively upgrade. You'll also have great artifacts by then.

You'll probably be disappointed when you finally do upgrade and find out that it does almost nothing.

However, the true intent of the Upgrading system is that it's another long-term RNG gate - a very, very, very long-term RNG gate. For example, you can't upgrade one great Omni Dampener and hope to reach 75% in 10 upgrades. That's not going to happen. The highest natural Omni Dampeners you find (since there are no Superior or Exceptional versions) will be around 50% (~level 70 artifact, probably from the Fanatic Tank or Advectorian). A level 0 Omni Dampener has 3% Resist All base, and all Omni Dampeners gain +0.7% Resist All per level. That means you can count on a minimum of 7% extra Resist All from 10 upgrades of +1 Level each. Therefore, the 'first RNG gate' is ~57% Resist All from a single artifact. There's some variance involved here, but you get the idea.

If you manage to get a great drop from a ??? blob and get a level 90 Resist All artifact, that's still only ~63%, upgrading to ~70%. You have to get lucky with upgrading, which means you will have to find a long series of great Resist All artifacts and upgrade them each ten times until you strike it rich on one of them. The devs have stated that +19 levels is the highest a single artifact can go in one upgrade, which would be +11.9% Resist All. Yeah, good luck on those odds.

So this entire Upgrading system is something you really shouldn't worry about until long after you've exhausted all the content in the game. It's an optional thing. It exists so that over the course of years you can eventually get super lucky and make some insane artifacts.

Note: With the addition of system Vorsran, higher level artifacts can be found easily, and high level players are throwing away 90% omni resists, because they have BETTER already.