Weapon Hypercharger

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Weapon Hypercharger.png 

NameWeapon Hypercharger
PropertiesGives +% Attack Speed.


"Captain! Our weapons are going super crazy!"


A Weapon Hypercharger increases the rate of fire for all of your weapons excluding Vindicator Teleportation and Teleportation Portal. This is one of the most useful and needed artifacts in the game. Best to have one above 60%.

Definition of Terms

RoF was a term used in Astroflux to mean Rate of Fire. Accordingly, before the game was "Balance updated" in November 2015 the game had RoF Artifacts. After the update, the RoF artifacts were change to Increased Attack Speed.

Game Updates

Reworked "rate of fire"(RoF) to be "increase rate of fire"

Old Habits Die Hard

Many of the players today, especially ones who played before the balance update in November 2015, sill refer to "inc attack speed" " as RoF.

How do I get one?

They are completely random! The only way to get it is to be farming artifacts