Weapons Cartel

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This is low level mission. There are a handful of steps, a few enemies and a boss to defeat.

Start Location

Warp Gate in Arrenius


Step Mission System
1 Kill 25 Elite Triads or Elite Stalkers Hyperion
2 Kill 10 Elite Guardians Kapello
3 Go to Fanatic Outpost Kapello
4 Kill 12 Elite Gunners or Elite Launchers Arrenius
5 Kill Rotator Kapello



Part 1

  • AFTransmission: "Good day captain! We have a new mission for you, we need you to take out a few Elite Triads and Elite Stalkers for us to cripple the enemy stronghold in Hyperion."
  • AF Transmission: "Good work captain! This area will not threat us for a while. We will send you another missions soon. However, we still need to find out how they aquire all the weapons."

Part 2

  • AF Transmission: "We have another fortified position in Kapello that we need to take care of. We need you to destroy 10 elite guardians. Beware of the turret Nova, it will destroy any missiles you fire at them."
  • AF Transmission: "You have once again proven your skills as a captain. I think its time to move on and do us a real favour. We have located the weapon cartel and need you to take action."

Part 3

  • AF Transmission: "Before we pursuit the cartel. Help the AF Hunters destroy and recapture the old junk yard from the Fanatics cult. It should be close to the elite zone in Kapello. Watch out for their piercing guns."
  • AF Transmission: "They seem to be gone for now, but they will surely be back to create more trouble. However, we have found evidence they have aquired weapons from the cartel we discovered."

Part 4

  • AF Transmission: "The Graven stronghold in Arrenius has been the central node for an underground weapons cartel. We need you to eliminate the Elite Gunners and Elite Lanchers so that we can infiltrate it."
  • AF Transmission: "It looks like we have found a few interesting things while you attacked Graven. Apparently the weapons are transported via Kapello. Its probably the supply line for all enemy strongholds in the Antor system. We need to put at stop to it."

Part 5

  • AF Transmission: "You have already done a lot so far. However, the weapons originate from a Nezerian ship called the Rotator in the Kapello system. Please destroy it to make sure we can stop the weapon transports.
  • AF Transmission: "With the Rotator gone we managed to stop a lot of weapon transports into this system. The technology found on the Rotator is Nezerian. It's a hostile species most active in the Gellan and Rapir System. Although we have very little information about whats happening in the Rapir system. You have done us a great favor. Collect the reward and we might contact you again."